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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Study Guide

If you are reading Unburdened and would enjoy having a study guide to go along with each chapter, you are in luck!  Here is a PDF download for you to use alongside the book. I hope it is a blessing to you! The Study Guide.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Birth of a Book

About eighteen months ago, the Lord stirred my heart to WRITE. I have always been a writer, a wordsmith, a story-girl. But my four girls kept me busy, and writing time slipped easily into the joyful demands of managing my home and family.  But, God nudged to pick up a pen and paper. He convicted my heart that the gift of writing was from Him, to be used for His glory. So, I asked Him for a topic. Within an hour, I had a rough book outline penciled on a sheet of torn notebook paper. I began to carve out time (usually early in the morning or during afternoon naps) to research and study. I etched out a first chapter, and the words just kept flowing.  I finished Unburdened in September of 2014 – on my 34th birthday, actually.

Then came the months of editing, waiting, exploring publishing options, praying, and seeking the wisdom and expertise of others.  And, now, the day is almost here! On August 20, my book will be officially released on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other online stores. 

I am so excited to share it with you!  Here is the back cover description of Unburdened.

How Heavy is Your Backpack?

As followers of Christ, we all want to live out our faith in a way that is genuine, Christ-honoring, and gospel-centered.   But, often, our faith journeys become encumbered by a fear of man. We want to be known, to be noticed, and to be thought well of. Our focuses turn inward, and we are crippled in our efforts to live God-glorifying lives.

Colleen Wachob admits that she has trudged through life with a heavy backpack of man-fearing.   It’s a knapsack of hindrances she longs to drop along the trail, and she invites you to join her.  In Unburdened, you will learn how to:

·         Biblically define and identify patterns of man-fearing

·         See and savor the majesty of your King

·         Embrace your identity as a redeemed child of God

·         Shed the weight of man-fearing and walk the unique path God has designed for your life

Through personal stories and Biblical teaching, Colleen will journey with you to find new freedom and joy in your Christian walk. 

Do you ever struggle with fearing man? With people pleasing? Boy – this has been a constant battle for me. I forget to dwell in the identity I have been bestowed in Christ, and I make a mess by seeking the approval of others.  I am so thankful the Lord led me to write on this topic. His grace became so dear to me in the journey of wading through my own muddled motives and broken priorities.  I hope that you will pick up a copy of the book and that it will spur you on to untangle your own heart and learn to live for the glory and fame of God alone.

The writing part was easy – but I have to be honest… the promotion and marketing part is really hard.  I would love your help! If you have an interest in helping me to promote the book (book reviews on social media, hosting a book club or study on Unburdened, sharing with your church group), please let me know! I would love to give you a free PDF file of the book if you want to help me with promoting it!

And now – here is the link to pre-order my book at Amazon. If you live here in Jackson, I have some advance paperback copies available for purchase. The book will also be available in e-format after the release date.

Oh, I feel like I have birthed two babies this summer.  This is so exciting to me – and I hope you will enjoy it, be blessed by it, be changed through it, and then share it! :)