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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Schedule

Several of you sweet mamas have asked where I landed on the scheduling continuum for our summer break - after I posted about our easy default to chaos during Spring Break.  The truth is - our summer is broken into two halves: the before Baby half and the after Baby half. So, I made a schedule, and we plan, and we play, but I know that things will look different when our little one arrives.  We will not be going on bike rides with a newborn, or taking all-day adventures.  We'll be enjoying sprinklers, and building forts in the yard, and having picnics on our porch. So... the schedule I created is really only for the next five weeks - and one of those weeks is VBS at church. 

Basically, I wanted to balance outdoor family adventure days with quieter home days where reading and rest were paramount.  The kids have swimming Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and Elisa and Sadie can also go on Fridays (we're holding Fridays as optional).  Mondays are our "long bike ride day," and Wednesdays are "adventure in the park" day. On those days, I expect that Hope will take a short nap either in the chariot, the backpack or the car, so we are not rushing to be home for rest time.  Our "home" days hold lots of outdoor play, Bible time, quiet rest, a reading time with Mom for the big kids while Hope is still napping, and a few extra chores. I am trying to relax a bit on some of the chores I do daily during the school year - 'cause, ya know, life is short. 

Our priorities? Outdoor Play, Exercise, Reading, Discipleship, and Responsibility.  I want to capture my kiddos' hearts as we make memories, get wet, and eat ice cream together.  I want to read with them, pray with them, and just snuggle them til they squeal. 

Obviously, I am a little Type A, but my kiddos also seem to thrive where routine reigns. If they know Monday is bike day, they don't balk.  I also want my kids to have time with friends, but, to be honest, I am limiting that a little. I can't reach their hearts if we spend every day at the park with a gazillion other moms and kids - where they run wild and I chit-chat.  I want to do some adventures with buddies, and some adventures where it is just me and the girls, sharing time and crafting memories.  And, I don't love dropping them off for playdates; I would much rather do things all together, with the other family. Is it just our family, or do playdates always seem to backfire into bad attitudes? We do them occasionally, but it is definitely not my preference, unless it is for a specific babysitting need. I feel like my kids are still young, and they need some level of supervision and guidance as they navigate friendships - not unlimited freedom.  I may be a bit on the protective side. :) It's all a balance. 

 And, just for fun. Cause we all like to stand on our heads, apparently. :) 34.5 weeks pregnant. This headstand lasted all of 1.5 seconds. :)

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