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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Green Eggs and Ham

I wish I would have taken a photo of our lunch today. I thought of it too late - when the eggs were half eaten and the plates were messy with pancake debris. But, just for fun, I thought I'd share it with you, because it was quick, easy, and yummy. Most importantly, it was fun. 

My new favorite pancake recipe is from the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook. My kids love it too! Basically, it is equal parts oats, cottage cheese, and egg whites, with a touch of baking powder, all pureed in the blender.  It makes a tasty, thin pancake that can also double as a high protein bread option. Yum! I quickly blended the pancake mix, and while the first batch sizzled on the griddle, I rinsed the blender before filling it with eggs and several cups of fresh spinach. The result of that high-speed mix was a very green, frothy sort of muck that I then scrambled.  At this point, Raina was going, "Mom? What are you feeding me??" But I diced some ham, threw it in with the eggs on the stove, and then wrapped the green egg mixture in the pancakes. 

When the kids balked, I said, "Wait. Remember Sam I Am?" I ran upstairs for the Dr. Seuss anthology, and, while the girls erupted in high pitched giggles, I started to read. Raina took one bite every time she saw the picture of green eggs and ham in the book. And soon, she was spooning eggs off my plate, 'cause she wanted more. :) 

And, when the doctor asked, at their afternoon check-ups, if they eat a good variety of grain, protein, and veggies, I could say an emphatic and honest "yes."  Spinach served with a story. What could be better?

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  1. What a wonderful memory and fun morning you created for the girls. You are an inspiration :)