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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Prayer, Part Two

As I pray through the scripted prayer for my kiddos that I shared a week or so ago, I also pray through a second script for myself. I can't mother my children well without the equipping of the Holy Spirit, so the second part of my "mama's prayers" is for the Lord to mold and shape me to be a mama after His pattern. 

Dear Abba Father, Papa who created the world and knows my heart, 
Thank you for the gifts you have given me in my beautiful children. They belong to you - you who knit them together and loves them so much more than I ever could. Thank you for entrusting their precious lives and hearts to this frail mama. 

Lord, I ache to be the best mom my little ones could have. I long to be a gentle-spirited, loving mama whose teaching and training comes from your heart. 

Today, Lord, help me to lean on your strength, to give you my heart, lay down my brokenness, and receive your grace. Help me, please, to be the mom you want me to be - through your Spirit. 

Help me to delight in my little ones. To take JOY in them. To laugh with them, to love them utterly, just as they are. To nurture them with tenderness and whole-hearted thankfulness. Help me to love deeper when they are most unlovable.  Help me to serve my children, to lay down my self-serving tendencies and give them all of me. 

Help me to reach their hearts - to know them. Help me to guide them to your throne of grace. 

Grant me wisdom to disciple them from your word and to know how and when correction, instruction, and discipline are needed. Help me to dazzle them with your great love - and to take every opportunity to remind them of your gospel. Help me to be soft of speech, gentle in spirit, affirming in my words, affectionate in my touch, and firm in my resolve. 

Lord, this job is bigger than me, and I need you every moment of the day. Help me to remember that, too, and seek you often throughout the day. Help me to look for evidences of your goodness and mercy sprinkled throughout the mess, the chaos and the noise. 

I love you, Jesus. 


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