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Friday, April 3, 2015


 Just a couple photos from our Spring Break camping trip to Utah...  warm sun, red rock, dust, and strong-legged, brave-hearted daughters.
 From my vantage point, the arch they were standing on looked about six inches wide. Erik said it was actually wide enough to pitch a tent on.  Not much comfort to my quaking heart at that moment - watching my precious girls totter hundreds of feet over solid ground...  but I trust my man!
 Five silly ladies and one twenty-four week bulge whose gender and name remain unknown!

 Slot canyons!


  1. I am so lucky that I chose today to check your blog and found all these awesome photos. Your trip looks amazing! I miss you and the girls so much. They are all so beautiful and I'm so glad you got to have a fun adventure with the time off. I would have been freaked out at the arch too (but then probably followed them up there!) :) Love you.

  2. These are beautiful pictures - memories in the making! I check your blog often but Michelle just told me about these - it looks like a wonderful trip and you and your 24 week bump look beautiful - as always. I love you.