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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Who is Jesus?

Early yesterday morning, as her older sisters savored the last moments of school-day slumber, and I emptied the dishwasher in preparation for the load of dirty breakfast dishes I would soon fill it with, little Hope toddled about my legs, hugging me, laughing, and carrying on a lisped and joyful conversation.

I laughed with her. "Hope-girl, who loves you, sweet one?" 

She tipped her head back. "Mommy loves me."  She grinned.  "And Jesus." 

I smiled back at her.  "Jesus loves you so much! Even more than Mommy does.  Who is Jesus, little one?" 

She wrinkled her cute nose. "I tan't answer you dat, Mommy." 

I laughed.  Oh, how I laughed.  

Of course she couldn't answer that.  She's barely two.  She knows Jesus loves her, because I tell her every day.  She knows the Bible is all about Jesus, and she loves to read stories from the Jesus Calling Bible we bought her for her birthday.   But, she doesn't know how to answer the question, "who is Jesus?" She doesn't have a face or personality to match the concept.  

"I tan't answer you dat, Mommy." 

My precious girl.  

I was praying this morning, curled up on the window seat this time, asking God to help me see Him.  To know Him.  To really have genuine intimacy with Him and to know His heart.  It is easy to go through the motions of the Christian faith, but do we really know Jesus? As we study Scripture, do we see God's character? Do we learn of who He is and grow to love Him more?  Or do we just check a chapter off our day's to-do?

God's character is unfathomable.  I attempted to write a chapter a few months ago about who God is, and why He is worthy of our fear.   But I realized my words were so feeble!  God's bigness is not describable! He is set-apart, so different from us.   He is perfect, and good, and so merciful and kind that we can't begin to understand.  We can't wrap up a description of our great God in concise, tidy terms.   

Like Hope, we have to admit, "I can't answer that." 

But, let's try! Let's dive deep.  Let's ask God to reveal Himself to us as we study His Word, as we pray.  Let us seek knowing God - and loving Him more, every day. 

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