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Thursday, September 4, 2014

First Week of School

So... obviously I am not keeping up with the blog. :) Yup, life happens.  I decided to start a larger writing project, and I have not been doing any short posts.  I will let you know when that project is done.  

But, I did want to post pictures of my girls on the morning of their first day of school.  Most of you know that our older two are attending a private classical school this year.  They are loving it! They have wonderful teachers, small classes (Sadie's is 9 kids, Ellie's is 10), and rich curriculum.  I am already seeing improvement in some of Elisa's struggle areas.  We have had some tough homework moments -- but we are working out the kinks in a new schedule.  This is all new to me, too! The breakfasts, the lunches to pack, the scurry...  the afternoon welcome and the need to transfer to my attention from little ones who have had all of me, all day, onto big ones who suddenly need me - and who I have missed! 

You will notice that Raina tried hard to match the big girls' uniforms for the first day.   You might also notice that Sadie-girl cut her hair eight days before the start of school.  Growing out bangs, now. :)  

We are thankful and excited for the year ahead!