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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


My sweet Hope is getting big.  She is a constant source of laughter at our house, as her vocabulary and understanding grow daily.  Quickly -- a few favorites. 

Hope loves to write.  She scribbles and scribbles and tells me over and over, "I, I, A, A, O."  Then she will hand me a pen and say, "Hopie," indicating that I should write her name for her on the page.  

She loves her sissies.  If she is up first, she will walk around saying, "Ell-yee, Sa-dee, Rain-ee," until her three sisters all join her downstairs. 

She is a little selfish with her mama's attention and pushes anyone else out of my lap. "Yappee!" 

She likes Bibles. "Bib-ee."  All other books are "read-ee." 

She calls any thing with a button a "beep." 

She tells her sisters when they should say sorry.  If someone is mean, she will say, "mean." And then point and say "Yorry." 

She likes sharing a room with Raina.  It has made going to bed much easier for her. 

She doesn't like to be dirty. "Dir-tee! Wite!" 

She always wants to drink  "tea." Luckily, she is just as happy with a cup of warm water as she is with real tea.  She usually gets warm water and a splash of milk. 

She is not used to having a bit warmer weather, and still wants a hat, mittens and boots to go outside, even if we are all in shirtsleeves.  And, okay, today it is snowing. 

Loving life with my littles!


  1. I can hardly wait to hear lots more Hope-isms!

  2. It's been a while since I've "peeked" in. Your girls are beautiful (just like their Momma). :)