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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday Morning

So...  Wednesday mornings aren't going so well around here. :) At least in terms of Mama blogging while children sleep peacefully.  Hope has decided that Tuesday nights are her "off" night for sleep, I think. The last two weeks she has been up for an hour in the middle of the night, just wanting her mommy, and then started her day far too early. Right now she is on my lap - having been up since 5:20 after sharing some mom-time from 3:30 - 4:15.  And while I love having my sweet, snuggly princess sitting with me,  her mop of messy blonde hair tickling my chin, it is not easy to type, or to think deeply, or even to reach the mouse around her squirmy little body.

In lieu of any particularly thoughtful musings today -- I will just try to post a few photos.

 Raina hanging on the back of the Chariot. Her favorite spot for speed.
 At the ice skating rink.
 Aunt Michelle skating with us over New Years.
 Michelle and I together on a New Years Day ski into Brooks Lake Lodge. It was a five mile ski on a cold and snowy morning, then we feasted in the warm lodge before skiing the downhill leg back to the car under perfectly still and blue skies.

 Elisa blazing her own trail and finding some hills to ski down.

 Determined.  She is much braver on the downhills than I am.
 Sadie's second time on skate skis.
Family picture.


  1. Sorry, your morning was a little discombobulated with a little one - but precious still. Thank you for the pictures! I love seeing them, too.

  2. I love seeing pictures from our time together on your blog! I'm excited to start catching up on your growing family this way. :) Thanks for writing!