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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday Morning

So...  Wednesday mornings aren't going so well around here. :) At least in terms of Mama blogging while children sleep peacefully.  Hope has decided that Tuesday nights are her "off" night for sleep, I think. The last two weeks she has been up for an hour in the middle of the night, just wanting her mommy, and then started her day far too early. Right now she is on my lap - having been up since 5:20 after sharing some mom-time from 3:30 - 4:15.  And while I love having my sweet, snuggly princess sitting with me,  her mop of messy blonde hair tickling my chin, it is not easy to type, or to think deeply, or even to reach the mouse around her squirmy little body.

In lieu of any particularly thoughtful musings today -- I will just try to post a few photos.

 Raina hanging on the back of the Chariot. Her favorite spot for speed.
 At the ice skating rink.
 Aunt Michelle skating with us over New Years.
 Michelle and I together on a New Years Day ski into Brooks Lake Lodge. It was a five mile ski on a cold and snowy morning, then we feasted in the warm lodge before skiing the downhill leg back to the car under perfectly still and blue skies.

 Elisa blazing her own trail and finding some hills to ski down.

 Determined.  She is much braver on the downhills than I am.
 Sadie's second time on skate skis.
Family picture.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


It has been so many months since I sat down and blogged that it took a moment to remember which button to click to create a new post.  I realize that anyone who used to check in our family now has dropped our address off their bookmarks tab.  I have been absent, and perhaps no one will read my ramblings this morning.  That's okay. I just decided, in the wake of celebrating the New Year, that writing is important to me. And I need to do it. So. Once a week.  That's my goal. Not because any one else needs to see pictures of my cute girls, or because I have any unique wisdom to share, but because God made me a writer, and I haven't been using that skill or enjoying that hobby for many months. 

One of the challenges is time, of course. When? I have early risers, and I have to get up before 6 just to get a shower  and sneak in five minutes of Bible reading and prayer before my precious ones are climbing in my lap and sipping my tea. While I still mandate afternoon rests, the older girls are only required about 45 minutes of silent reading - and I use most of that time settling the younger ones and then racing through the lunch dishes and a load of laundry.  Evenings belong to my hubby - whether it's sharing chores, conversation on the couch, dessert at the table, or -on occasion -watching a Duck Dynasty episode on DVD. :) 

Wednesday mornings are Erik's early day. He heads to church by 5:45, and if I can manage to roll out of bed with him, I think I can spend an uninterrupted while typing out my thoughts or updates.  So - look to see me on Wednesdays. That's the plan.

When I clicked into my blog this morning, I smiled at the aptness of its title. Yup - we are still a household of many messes and miracles.  A self-feeding one-year-old is a constant mess. Homeschooling my girls without the buffer of a morning nap for the baby is a constant mess (how do you keep babies from scribbling on furniture while teaching math?) Life is messy.  Behavior is messy. But there are still miracles, too.  Like my six-year-old slicing and seasoning potatoes for dinner - all by herself. Like my struggling almost eight-year-old laying the aside the anger and attitude that has marked our day and showing genuine compassion to a hurting sister.  Like a baby laughing and grabbing my legs and squealing, "Mommy! Ho me!" Like Raina kissing my face a "google" times, and Sadie telling me she wants to read better because she can't read all the words in her new big girl Bible. 

.... I planned to do a longer update about our homeschool year, and the girls, and maybe even some pictures of the adventures we do still manage to fit in, but the pitter-patter of little feet calls me to the kitchen to make breakfast and give morning tickles.  Stay tuned for next Wednesday! :)