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Friday, June 21, 2013

Recapture the Time

As mamas of little ones, our time is stretched thin, isn’t it? The demands are many. We are busy with a myriad of roles: mother, teacher, housekeeper, nurse, cook…   Our time alone is scant. And while I have learned to fully embrace this season with joy and to delight in the moments of chaos, I still often lament the lack of quiet.  I ache for quiet mornings to spend with my Bible and my God.  I miss reflective cups of tea and hours of journaling and prayer.  I was perusing The Power of  A Praying Parent and wishing I had the time to pray the many prayers included in the book.

But, you know what? Maybe I do have the time. Maybe you do, too. Maybe we mamas need to recapture the time we’ve been given. I read a quote by John Piper, whose writings I love. He said, “One of the great uses of Twitter and Facebook will be to prove at the Last Day that prayerlessness was not from lack of time.”

Personally, Erik and I don’t use Facebook. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t catch myself lamenting my own prayerlessness while blithely wasting time in other ways.  I realized the other day that in a space of restful afternoon quiet, I had squandered fifteen minutes looking at Land’s End school uniforms.  I can easily follow a blog link a friend sent by email and waste precious moments in idly scanning.  I can pick up a novel instead of my Bible. I can choose cleaning over Christ.

It is not wrong to relax by looking at Facebook, or to connect with a friend by reading a blog. It isn’t wrong for me to work diligently at having a tidy home.  But I am realizing how often I choose something other than prayer. Something other than Jesus. I complain because I don’t have time – and then I don’t prioritize the time I do have.  When my big girls rest for thirty minutes in the afternoon, I race around doing chores. Maybe I should brew that tea, open that journal, and meet with Jesus for a few minutes. And then- invite them to help me with the chores I missed.

I want to recapture my time and keep my priorities in their proper alignment.  Will you join me? :) 


  1. So I sent you a message on facebook before I read this post asking you about homeschooling. Is there a way I could get your email so I could ask a few curriculum questions? Love your insight. Thanks!

  2. Time to reflect on how many ways I waste time doing "stuff" and not spending time in prayer. Thank you.