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Thursday, May 9, 2013

May Exploring

 Hope - proudly showing me her strawberry. Yum! Here we are, setting off after school-time to enjoy the back pasture.  My girls have recently begun exploring every inch of our 7 acres... and they have created their own hideaway - only accessible by a two-log bridge they built themselves.  We have been having picnics, wading in mucky irrigation water, and crossing fences to visit our friends whose cows pasture in the adjacent land.  We are having a delightful, warm May filled with lots of exploring, growing, and discovering!
 Big grin from my big girl.
 Elisa, pulling the wagon all the way to the back pasture.
 Sadie, opening the gate.
 The trek to the "back 40."
 In this one you can see our friend's barn on the hill above us. Kind of a trek through the springtime grasses, across a few ditches...  lots of fun!  Our friends have a wonderful pony the girls have ridden twice.
 Sadie, eating her lunch in the sunshine.

 More strawberries!
 Fishing for muck.
 Good thing we packed baby wipes!
 The bridge the girls built - all by themselves.

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