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Friday, October 19, 2012


 Hope Julianna.  What a precious, sweet, amazing baby.  Okay, I know every baby is sweet, and precious and amazing.  But there is something so profoundly amazing about your OWN baby, isn't there? :)  Hope weighed 11 pounds, 9 ounces at her two month check-up, and was 24.25 inches.  She loves mama's massages with sweet-smelling baby cream, she loves to be swaddled and snuggled, she loves kisses and having you rub your nose against hers.  She coos and talks and makes these amazing enchanting, melt-your-heart expressions when you talk to her.  She is easy going, tolerant, and smile-y.  She sleeps between 7-9 hours at her longest stretch, and still naps about 5 times a day - usually about an hour each time, but sometimes longer.   I love waking up once at night to feed her - as long as it is only once! :) - and am not in a hurry to stretch her night sleep any longer.  Funny, how perspective changes the fourth time around. :)   I wanted to post some photos, but, as usual, don't have much time to turn swirling thoughts and insights into the long, wordy prose I want to post here! :)  Someday.  Really. 

 Still sleeps in the bassinet in our room. 

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