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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jenny Lake

 To celebrate my 32nd birthday last weekend, Erik and I took the kids for a walk at Jenny Lake.  We didn't make it very far - but far enough to enjoy some brilliant fall colors, some water splashing, and a picnic snack on a rocky beach.  It was our first adventure with Hope - the first time we had tucked a diaper into a backpack and ventured out into nature.  She did fantastic - sleeping cozily in the Moby wrap and wiggling on (get this) a tuft of long grass with bear scat nearby. :)  It really was beautiful.  I know we don't get the colors of the East Coast around here, but I love fall in Jackson, and it is at its peak right now - all dappled gold on the hillsides.  Praising God for a beautiful family and a beautiful day!

 Happy and fed in the cleft of a rock - out of the wind.

 Side note: she totally had a blowout.  Everywhere! Like a seasoned mom of four, I was totally unprepared and had packed only a diaper and wipes - no change of clothes.  We improvised a bit, and she is wearing very soiled pants, while her top half is naked underneath the fleece.  Oops.  Seriously. What kind of mom am I? My friend Dancy and I laugh about how carefree we are these days (she has four, too).  The diaper bag is no longer stocked with everything from Tylenol to toothbrushes.  We're lucky if we remember the diapers!

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  1. I am smiling through my happy tears. I love and miss you all so much.