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Monday, September 3, 2012

First Grade

It's Labor Day. Erik is working, and the girls and I are trying to prepare for an 18 hour car trip on Wednesday - driving to Washington for my brother's wedding.We are excited to celebrate, but apprehensive about the trip.:)  In the midst of baking and laundry and sorting, I am also trying to prepare a bit for starting our school year the day we return, and I wanted to share a little about our plans!

We are really excited about the curriculum we've chosen for this year.  It definitely stretched our budget a little, but I am thankful to have a year's worth of material at my fingertips, without the stress of weekly library trips or wondering whether a book will even be available!  After much debate, I finally settled on Sonlight as our "core" curriculum.  I have been reading a few books lately on homeschooling, one of which was Educating the Whole-Hearted Child by Sally and Clay Clarkson.  I love this godly couple and their perspective on raising a family. They talk about discipleship and education through living books and real life....  no curriculum needed.  But, I don't think I am up to the task right now.  I need a framework.  I need a plan.  I need help. 

Sonlight's Cores are literature-rich curricula that encompass history, read-alouds, Bible and geography.  We are using Core B - which is an intro to World History.  I am so excited for all the snuggling with good books we get to do!

We are also using Sonlight for science - focusing on animals, astronomy and physics with Science B. Again - real books.  No text.  Weekly experiments with supplies included! Whew! :)

Our language arts is four-fold.

Spelling - All About Spelling Level 2.

Grammar - First Language Lessons

Writing - Writing With Ease

Reading - Here we are using our library.  I am having Elisa read aloud from books I choose (based off a couple of reading lists).  She reads on her own a lot, but reading out loud is so important, too.  Both girls will have silent reading after lunch while the littler ones nap.

Math - We are switching to Horizons for math.  More color and pizzazz than Math-U-See.   Elisa grew to despise math, and I want to generate a little excitement!

Spanish - our pastor's wife has a homeschooled daughter Elisa's age, and she is going to try to organize a Spanish class!  They lived in Mexico for eight years as missionaries. 

PE - swim class and Nordic ski team.

Sadie will continue with My Father's World Kindergarten through most of the year, adding other subjects as she is ready.  She's still pre-K, so we're not pushing it.

We are looking forward to a great year. More to come!

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  1. Curriculum looks awesome. Megan is doing great with MFW. Have a wonderful trip! I'm sure your fam can't wait to meet Hope!