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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Going.... Going... Gone!

This has been one of those months where we have been going... going... going....  and sometimes I compose thoughts in my head about our daily life and adventures, but then when we arrive home from the adventure, there is laundry and dishes and oh, what are having for dinner, anyway? (since I never made a July menu plan!)

We have had a full house and full days...  Aunt Michelle visited, Uncle Ken visited (Erik's uncle - he spent most of his time backpacking with Erik's dad, but a few days with us), friends stayed for two nights...   We hiked, we splashed in the lake(s), we swung, we watched the Fourth of July parade and ate burgers and corn on the cob (that we had caught off the Farmer's Market parade float!).  We've been riding bikes to the park.   Today, we rode our bikes out to the fountain park at Teton Village and then got drowned by a rainstorm!

Life is full.  My summer bucket list is slowly getting checked off -- although quicker than the household to-do list I compiled of things that need to get done before our precious bundle makes her much-anticipated appearance.    We are hoping for a camping trip this weekend, and church VBS is next week, and then baby is coming!  My due date is two weeks away, and I have a feeling those two weeks will pass awfully quickly!  

Praising God for the anticipation of new life amidst our joyful, busy, sun-shiney summer fun!

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