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Sunday, July 15, 2012


We have been hoping to get in at least one family camp-out before Baby Girl arrives.... and somehow, our weekend schedules have prohibited it.  Things like - Erik lay-leading at church, me serving in the toddler room, guests arriving, Erik rendezvousing with his parents for pick-ups/drop-offs in the middle of their month long sabbatical to the wilderness....   we just haven't managed a night away!  But, we finally did it!  

The kids and I shopped for groceries on Friday, and spent the afternoon gathering sleeping bags, pads, and clothes, preparing food, and getting a few things ready "just in case" my body decided to go into labor while on a bumpy dirt road and we never made it back to the house! :)   The one thing I forgot? Filling the car's gas tank. :) Well, that and dish soap. I did forget dish soap.

When Erik arrived home, he loaded the heavy stuff from the garage, and I fed the kids a late snack so they would be able to hold off until a 7:30 or 8:00 dinner.  We kept our trip close to home -- we were only 45 minutes or so from the hospital! We found a dispersed site (no campgrounds for Wachobs!) at the top of a nearby hill and set up our camp to enjoy panoramic views of the mountains.  When we were almost there, the car pinged to let us know our gas tank was on empty! Oops. Erik was confident that we would be fine, but I convinced him we should settle for the first good spot and not explore too much! Again - "just in case."   I fixed hot dogs and beans while the kids helped Daddy with tent poles.  

Fires are off-limits these days, (we actually didn't even have fireworks for the Fourth; I know many in the dry mountain West didn't either!) so we roasted s'mores over the propane stove. :)  

Sleep...   a little, anyway.  Raina and Elisa slept soundly, but Sadie was next to me, and we both spent a fair bit of time awake.  I had brought plenty of pillows, but our tent site was pretty sloped, and it was hard to get comfortable.  And - these days, there is no way to escape the midnight trip to the ladies room (aka. a bush just outside the tent door!).  It rained on and off for most of the night.  There is nothing like the steady patter of raindrops on canvas.   I love that sound! 

We made hash-browns and eggs for breakfast and lingered at the campsite, just playing.  It was cool and comfortable after the rain, and, while everyone was a little muddy, it was pleasant just to hang out.   We did go for a walk further up the hill and explore a bit before heading home.  We had planned to drive on some more back roads and find a spot to picnic and hike, but we really weren't sure of the after-alarm gas tank capacity on our Suburban.  Turns out we could have driven a bit father than we did - but we didn't want to risk getting stranded! 

 Elisa - sweet and somber in the morning
 Silly Sadie
 Raina's usual camera face.  :)
My handsome man. 
Erik thought we needed a picture of my belly to prove that Baby Girl had indeed been along on this excursion.  Not especially flattering, but there it is.  A bare belly shot at 38.5 weeks. :)

 Little climbers.

It is amazing how much work there is in preparing for and cleaning up after a less-than-24-hour camping trip.  But, we are so thankful we got out.  And, who knows? If Baby Girl doesn't arrive this week (I'm hoping chasing the preschoolers around at VBS will help get things going!), maybe we'll try again next weekend.   I still think it would be fun exciting to go into labor on a bumpy dirt road.  :) 

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