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Monday, July 23, 2012

Camping, Take Two!

 Getting comfy on pillows and sleeping bags as we were packing up camp.
 Raina in a box.
 Driving to the trailhead where we went for a short hike.  Adam's Special Forces patch is above the sunroof.... Erik always takes pictures with his patch and sends them to him in...well, in wherever he is, since we don't actually know! :)
 Helping with tent poles
 Raina can do tent poles, too!
 We forgot the camp stove, so Elisa got creative and built a pretend fire to roast our s'mores on.  She also made us tea in the morning, and had fun using her imagination to overcome mom and dad's mistake!  Luckily, we had enough cold food to eat for breakfast, although we really did miss our morning hot tea and eggs!
 Cold S'mores.  Because what is camping without marshmallows and chocolate?

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  1. I love your cute pregnant belly. Can't wait to meet little one!