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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


For the last ten days or so, Erik and I have been following new updates on the Colorado High Park Fire.  Large wildfires anywhere are devastating, and it is always sobering and sad to hear of fires encroaching on homes or taking lives.   This time, though, news of the fire has hit us "close to home."   In 2005, we purchased a little 900-square foot cottage in the woods up Rist Canyon north of Fort Collins.  Last week, our rural subdivision was one of the first areas to be evacuated.  While we don't know for certain, all the fire maps indicate our charming little house (which we finally sold in June of 2009) was burned along with the 188 other structures they had counted as of yesterday.  Unless the current owners had fairly ruthlessly cut trees for fire protection, it would not have survived this massive fire.  

It is sobering.  I think of all the families living up Rist Canyon, Stove Prairie and the other affected areas, and it breaks my heart to think of so many who are displaced and homeless.  We have not kept in touch with our neighbors, but we did have one young couple who lived very close to us and were in the process of building (by themselves) their first home, who we remember sharing meals and evening walks with.  I think of them and pray for their sweet family.  

Elisa and Erik standing in front of kitchen.  I was searching for pictures of our little house, but I think they are mostly on discs, because when we lived there we didn't have this computer, or internet access to upload photos. There are just a few that must have been on my camera when we moved.  

Please pray for all the families displaced by the fire.  It is still raging, although I think it was 45% contained yesterday.   We have also been thinking of our little Baptist church in the tiny town at the base of the canyon -- thinking of the opportunities they have for ministry and outreach in the middle of a community tragedy. 

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