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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Snow and Splash

Monday morning, we joined a few other homeschool families for a "field trip" to the ski resort.  Locals can ride the tram free during early summer (usually 25$!), so we decided to take advantage of the deal and have an adventure!  Sunday had been snowy and cold, so we dressed warmly for the expedition.  The kids were in snowpants and hats when we boarded the tram, even though it was sunny and warming quickly at the base of the mountain.   

The kiddos loved the ride to the top, noses pressed against glass to take in the views.   They sang made-up songs in unison and giggled the whole way.  At the top, they immediately started sledding and jumping in the snow, and getting as wet as possible.  :)  

With some friends - Annika and Kaiya.
Raina kept trying to slide down the rock parts of the hill. She finally figured out that only the snow was slippery!

Doing a little research on the deck of the restaurant at the top.  How high is the tram? What animals live there? What mountains can you see?
Happy hearts on the trip back down.

And then.... it was warm. There is a great little park and fountain area in the Village Commons (amid all the swanky hotels and boutiques! :))  We had sack lunches and let the kids play and splash in the creek. After a while they turned the fountains on, and the kids went wild!
Here, Raina warms herself on the sun-baked cement.

Fountains!  And lots of blissfully happy, very drenched, worn-out little munchkins!

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