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Saturday, May 12, 2012


Three or four weeks ago, we purchased a set of used bunk-beds from our Habitat store.  They were in good condition, but needed to be either refinished or painted.  We opted for painting.  It took a few late night sessions and a couple of good nap-times for Erik and I to finish the task. He did the bulk of the work, while I did the finishing touches this week while he traveled for work.  This morning, we finally set them up!  Oh, the excitement!  We also found some clearance bedding from Target and purchased four sets - thinking ahead to another little one needing to match her sisters in a couple of years. :)  

Elisa has the top perch. It is really high, and she loves it!
Elisa's old bed (which was mine growing up) will become Raina's once we decide to move Raina into the big girl bedroom.  We think we'll hold off until Baby Girl is out of the bassinet at three months or so.  She still goes to sleep a bit earlier than the other girls, so it is nice for her to be in her own room.  Erik did actually take the side rail off her crib today because she has started climbing out.  I wasn't quite ready for that, but I also don't want her to crash (or break the railing, which already has a crack in it!)
I freehand painted a few flowers on the side rails, just for fun.
And, painted the "ladder" in colors of their choice.  The drawers below Sadie are also painted blue, pink and purple. 

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